Improve English progression and standards

Ofsted and the English Curriculum

In 2018, various Ofsted speeches, presentations and videos highlighted their developing thinking about the importance of the curriculum.  To support the consultation about the new Education Inspection Framework the Improve English team has compiled key ideas referenced to their Ofsted sources. Improve English Overview of Ofsted’s Thoughts on Curriculum uses hyperlinks to the original source so you can access the detail that interests you.  This document will be useful for English Advisers and consultants, English Line Managers and English Subject Leaders.

Our Reputation

‘The Improve English Adviser has become part of the academy team. They supported the leadership of English at a crucial time when capacity was low. Their ability to work at all levels, with teachers, support staff or with other subject leaders has proved invaluable. It has been great to have someone who has been willing to not only offer advice but roll up their sleeves and work alongside staff.‘
Improvement Director, Multi-Academy Trust

‘The Improve English Adviser has provided us with invaluable support this year at Key Stage Three. He has brought with him, a wealth of experience, resources and guidance on how to develop the faculty in subject knowledge, good practice and making the move from good to outstanding. As an individual I feel that my subject knowledge and ability to lead the Key Stage have improved greatly, and the rest of the team have also benefited as a result.’
Subject leader, Secondary Academy, London

Our Approach

Our highly experienced primary and secondary English specialists will listen and work with you to analyse your needs, explore solutions together and jointly plan the next steps to improvement. We won’t tell you what to do or build a dependency culture. We support improvement within English and also offer expertise in embedding literacy across the curriculum in order to achieve a rapid impact on pupil learning. We know what works and we offer innovative approaches and solutions.